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Jesus and the Blood Covenant
Do principles from the beginning of time have importance for abundant living today in my marriage, family, church and community?

Jesus and the Blood Covenant explores how an ancient practice known as blood covenant not only forms the foundation of our faith, but also directs our everyday lives. 
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“it is the motive rather than the action which is peculiar to the religion of Jesus Christ. … chivalry: It was LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, GRATITUDE; JOY; FIDELITY; HONOR; MERCY; it was a devotion to mind and strength, of the whole man of soul and body, to discharge his duty, and to the sacrifice of every selfish and dishonorable feeling that was contrary; it was to obey a commandment which was in unison with all the elevated sentiments of nature, calculated most effectually to develop every quality that was the object of esteem and reverence!
                           Pg 4-5 Broad Stone

“… It is not sufficient simply to repeat the credo as a parrot; but we must mediate attentively on each of the mysteries contained in it.”
                              Pg 50 Broad Stone

Chivalry  -vs- Chauvinism
Masculinity  -vs- Machoism